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Anna's Blog - Never ask a lady..

Hello! Anna here.

It’s been a while since my last blog so we have plenty to catch up on.

As I may have mentioned before I was the subject of a very special vase created by Moorcroft for the 140th Anniversary of the Shire Horse Society. It was my first modelling job, hopefully, the first of many to come. I don’t think it will be long before I get the call about London Fashion Week, but I need to make sure my agent (Alistair) has the right contacts.

Last week we had a special evening at Cotebrook to celebrate the vase and I got all dressed up and had my photo taken with some lovely people. Alistair thought it would be a good idea to get people to guess my weight on the night as part of a competition, how rude! You should never ask a lady how much she weighs. All of you that had a guess on the night or on Facebook and guessed over my actual weight, I will remember that!

The closest guess on the night was just 4kg out, and on Facebook we have had a guess even closer just 1kg wrong. It happened to be Mark who comes with me to the National Championships and I actually stood on his foot! Oops... sorry Mark. That is some amazing work though, maybe Alistair won’t need to go to the vets now to get us weighed, he will just get the horses to stand on your foot! (For those still wondering, I weigh 968kgs!)

We have recently had the return of piglets to the yard who seem to love running under my feet. They are at that stage where they are very curious, so I think it’s time for me to tell them who’s boss around here!

So what’s next? Well I will be heading to my local show, the Nantwich Show to hopefully defend my title as I have won the last 2 years there. It’s a great show and really local if you wanted to pop over and see me in show action! Last year they gave me a rosette and I ate it! Not sure I was supposed to do that to be honest but oh well…

Well hope to see you all soon, remember if you have any gossip, let me know!

Anna x x

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