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Anna Answers Your Questions

Well hello, it’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to write a bit of an update as we have been so busy! I’m not complaining, I love all the attention I have been getting!

We have had a couple of new arrivals here too which has been very exciting.  First, we had a cute little Peachick, and then we had a Shetland Pony Foal.  Although the little foal has taken a bit of attention away from me, I can’t be mad at a little cutie!  I took a stroll to have a gossip and introduce myself to him, but he said it was hurting his neck talking to me as I am so tall, oh well, maybe Alistair can make him some stilts!

Since my last update, I also won Supreme Champion at the Nantwich show for the second year running! It was a very rainy day at first, but the sun came out for my appearance at the show’s grand parade.  

Anyway, Alistair tells me that some of my fans have posed some questions for me to Answer, so let’s get going…..

Stuart Leatham asks, what are next weeks lottery numbers?

Well Stuart, if I knew that I would be on a tropical island somewhere sipping cocktails! I can barely even pick the right piglet in the piglet racing!

Jenny Miller asks, Will you be having babies in the near future?

Well,  Jenny, I have been feeling a bit broody, but every time a young stallion turns up, Alistair gives them 20 questions and then decides they are not good enough for his "Miss World”.  Who knows next year, a young stallion will turn up that meets Alistair's high standards!

Christer Paulsson asks, Who will win at the Horse of the Year Show?

Although I don’t know this week's lotto numbers, I can’t see past myself as the winner!

Cerys Millington asks, Why do you follow my daughter when she claps her hands and calls for a cuddle? 

This one is easy... It's because I love it when people make a fuss of me!

And finally the question on everyone's lips how do I write this blog?  Well, I believe a picture tells a thousand words...

Anna x

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