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I want my own TV show!

Well hello, Isn’t this exciting! We were on the telly!

A few days ago, our episode of ITV’s "Amazing Animal Births” was shown.  My mum Carron gave birth to my little brother Sgurr Alasdair (although he isn’t so little now) in May of 2015 which was filmed by presenter Lucy Cooke and the team at ITV Shiver.

The biggest question is where was I?! I spend hours getting myself dolled up for the cameras and they cut me out! I can only assume they are coming back to do a show all about me, it could be called "The real shire horses of Cheshire”!

I’m hoping to get loads of new followers of my blog as a result, I think I should have my own Instagram page too, as I am the selfie queen of Cotebrook.

If you are new to my blog, I just want to say a big welcome! I’m Anna, two times National Shire horse Champion and known as a bit of a diva and a big gossip around these parts.  Whilst our Facebook page is good for keeping upto date, I am the one with the real scoop on what is happening!

Edward, who also featured on the show was my Dad and as Alistair said probably one of the greatest shire horse stallions that has ever lived.  He passed away last year at the grand old age of 24, but his legacy lives on, not only here at Cotebrook but with progeny all over the world.

We currently have four mares in foal for 2018, I’m not one of them but I am starting to feel a bit broody, Although Alistair seems to be very protective and doesn’t let the boys get close to me!

We have a Youtube channel called Foal Watch, where we show you mares in foal all the way through to their early life on the farm.   In between we try to film the births, so if you enjoyed the show last night, make sure you subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

We are open to the public 363 days a year (closed Christmas Day and Boxing Day) and you can get up close to up to 20 Shire Horses as well as native wildlife including Otters, Polecats, Foxes, Red Deer, the very rare Scottish Wildcats and much much more, including pesky little piglets.

Talking of piglets, it’s getting close to my favorite time of the year.  Over the summer holidays we have piglet racing.  They are in training now and I  have been watching, so if you are looking for tips you know where to come!

If you do come over to the centre, make sure you say hi to me, Anna.  If you have any gossip let me know, I am always up for a chinwag!

Bye for now.

Anna x

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