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Anna's Valentine's Blog

It’s Valentines Day and I have managed to take a few minutes away from reading the hundreds of cards I received to write a quick update.

Valentines is an important day in the Shire Horse calendar as it marks the "official” start of the breeding season. 

I’ve seen a couple of new fellas around the centre today who are hoping to land themselves a date tonight. I have to say they are really handsome, but I’m too busy blogging and being shown to think about men right now! Alistair thinks they are both great stallions though and told me all about them.

Moorfield Manor Mac is Edward’s son and even won the Progeny Cup by beating his Dad one year!  He also has many runners-up awards which are something to be proud of when your are up against Edward!

The second stallion is a younger Stallion named Leverton Leonardo.  He is a very special shire colt.  Alistair says he can count on one hand the special horses he has seen in the last 50 years and Leonardo is one of them.  I’ve seen him chatting to Broom and although she is playing her cards close to her chest, I can tell she likes him!

We are still waiting for Spirit to foal, she was due on Saturday. Alistair is hoping she will give birth by the weekend, I know she can’t wait.  Some visitors have told her that a curry will help, whatever that is…. Alistair told her to stick to the carrots and hay.

There is a foal at the centre at the minute from Alistair’s son’s business MGK Shires and Clydesdales.  He is getting a lot of attention right now, so don’t forget to come and say hi to me as well if you do come to visit him.

Well, I’ll have to get back to my cards, although I do wish it wasn’t so much of a secret as none of my admirers are revealing who they are, either that or they are all called "question mark”.

Bye for now

Anna x

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