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Foals, shows and TV at a very busy Cotebrook!

We are now 3 weeks into the new year and for all of us horses at Cotebrook it brings exciting times.

On the 1st February, my 2-year-old Brother Sgurr Alasdair has to go before the Shire Horse Society panel to be approved prior to meeting any mares.  It doesn’t seem 5 minutes since ITV filmed him being born.  Incidentally, Alistair has told me that the film is due to be broadcast in February but I’ll keep you informed on that.

On 11th February our first foal of the year is due and that will be Spirit’s foal and my poor old Dad Edward who is no longer with us will be the Father of it.

My Mum Carron and Orchid are in foal of course but it's towards the end of May when they are both due to give birth.

For me personally, I am both happy and sad.  I am sad because in 9 weeks time I will not be able to say I am the reigning National Champion, that is of course unless I win it again, and then I will be ecstatic!  Alistair says I am bigger and fitter than last year when I won it, so I am pretty laid back about it all really.

My sister Loyal is becoming a right pain in the bum! She is strutting around the place like she is the National Champion.  She knows her place and keeps her council.  

We are both having our pedicure before the end of the month and then Alistair will spend the whole week before the National Championships tarting us all up in readiness for the show, that is Loyal, Ben Alder and the gorgeous me!


SHS National Championships - Stafford County Showgrounds

17th, 18th, 19th March

Ben Alder 18th

Loyal and Anna 19th

Tickets available for purchase at Cotebrook.

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