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Moving day and what I want for Christmas

Hello folks, it’s Anna here with an update.

You may have noticed it is getting a bit cooler.  I asked Alister if he could buy me a new coat, he said no as I already have a coat but I’ve never seen it!

Last week it was moving day as many of the horses moved fields.  Everyone was very excited there was a lot of running and galloping as we all got to explore our new fields.  I need to speak to the other horses about whether the grass is greener on the other side!

Next time you come to Cotebrook you will have to see if you can recognise us in our new areas, and don’t be looking at the signs….that’s cheating!

Many of the visitors that come to see me have a good old chinwag, one gentleman keeps telling me jokes.  He said "why the long face Anna?” I don’t get it.

We recently announced the winners of the photographic competition, I gave Alister a couple of selfies to enter in the "Horses” category…. They didn’t even make the shortlist! The winning pictures really were fab though, so big congratulations from me!

Have you started Christmas shopping yet? After seeing the latest John Lewis advert, I really, really want a trampoline! It looks like so much fun.  Not sure what I will buy yet, might have a wonder around the shop later and have a look.

Anyway that's all for now.

Don’t forget to say "hi" next time you are at the centre.

Anna x x 

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