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Name: Cotebrook Loch Loyal
Born: 11.05.2016
Breed: Shire
Sex: Filly
Sire: Moorfield Edward
Dam: Cotebrook Loch Carron    

We filmed Carron’s foal being born out in the field at 6.00am on 11th May 2016. You can watch this film on our YouTube channel.

She is the 10th foal Carron has given birth to and what a fabulous foal she is!


Being full sister to Cotebrook Loch Anna, Alistair was expecting something very special with Carrons foal ny Edward and he wasn't disappointed. Although she has a dark leg at the front offside and a mixed leg on the front nearside, she is absolutely amazing and very correct in every other department. 


She was named in our "Name the foal” competition by Sarah Leary  who thought that the name "Loyal” would suit her as she has clearly inherited characteristics that are loyal to her dads outstanding form and is a beautiful example of Edwards legacy.


Loyal was shown at the largest foal show in the country, the Midland Shire Foal show 2016, where she stood 2nd in a strong class. Her half sister Laggan went on to be Supreme Champion Foal.


At the 2017 Shire Horse National Championships, Loyal won second prize in a strong class of 16 yearling fillies. This was the same position that Anna held at the same show at the same age. Lets hope that Loyal goes on to have the same success as her big sister.

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