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Name: Cotebrook Loch Laggan
Born: 21.02.2016
Breed: Grade B Shire
Sex: Filly
Sire: Moorfield Edward
Dam: Knowehead Tilly

 Laggans mother, Tilly is a  Clydesdale and Edward (her father) is a Shire, so as she is a filly, Laggan has been registered as a Grade B shire. If she had been a colt, like her older brother Ben Alder, she would have to have been registered as a non breeding Shire and been gelded. So we are very pleased that she is a filly!


In 2016 as a foal Laggan was Supreme Champion Foal at the biggest Shire foal show in the country.

She has grown into a large powerful mare, like her mother, but unfortunately has developed a roach back so her show career is over. This is not hereditary so we have mated her with Leverton Leonardo and she is due to foal in April 2019.

Loch Laggan is a loch in Lochaber, east of Fort William and was featured in the BBC series Monarch of the Glen.

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