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Confusing Times and Nantwich Show News

Hello again,

I’ve moved fields and have picked up a lot more gossip in the process and have some great news to share.

I’ve got a new helper, he’s called Dave which has made life around here even more confusing as we already have a Dave! We also have another Anna in the cafe as well as two Georges, one horse, one human! Anyway Dave he is great.  He looks after me and helps Alistair around the farm, if you see him make sure you say Hi!  You can see a picture of us above.

I am also getting ready to be shown at the Nantwich Show, I will be going there as National Champion and really hope I can make Alistair proud by winning again.  As you all know I love to get dressed and shown, its also nice to catch up with some of the other horses and have a bit of a chinwag.

If you couldn’t make it to the National Shire Horse Show then I would love to see you at Nantwich, Its always nice to see some friendly faces.  We also sell discounted tickets to the show here at the centre 

Before I go, have you met my new little Sister Loyal?  She is just over 2 months old and is a little stunner, she must take after her big sister!  Although she is getting a bit annoying as she keeps borrowing my plaits, she says she’s practising for when she is shown.  I told her she should run around and play and leave her big sister to the shows!  Sisters eh?!

That’s all for now, when you are over at the centre make sure you come over to say Hi, and if you have any gossip I promise I won’t tell anyone!

Anna xx

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