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Foal Watch 2016

Cotebrook FOAL WATCH 2016 is a video diary following each mare in the weeks and days before she foals. We also hope to capture the actual birth on film to share with you. We will then follow the progress of each foal as they grow and explore their new world.

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We have four foals due in 2016!

Moorfield Edward is the father of all of them, a fantastic achievement as he is nearly 24 years old (the equivalent of over eighty years in human terms!) a great age for a Shire horse.

Foaling dates:-

  • Spirit                        due 20th January 2016
  • Tilly                          due 27th February 2016
  • Carron                     due 8th May 2016
  • Beth                         due 16th May 2016
  • Dora is having a year off but will hopefully have a foal in 2017

In addition we hope to have two Shetland foals!

Heather and Polo have been running all summer with Mystic, a miniature Shetland stallion. They are too small to scan like the Shires so we will have to wait and see if they have foals early next summer.

You can view FOAL WATCH 2015 now on Cotebrook Shire Horse Centres YouTube channel. 

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