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Stallion Services at Cotebrook Shire Horse Centre

Alistair, Janet, and Dave have now been trained as Artificial Insemination (AI) technicians.
We have been trained by Tullis Matson, the owner of Stallion AI Services near Whitchurch. Tullis has won awards for the technological advances he has brought to the field of equine semen collection and freezing, and his laboratory is recognised as offering the most advanced technology in the UK. We have been trained by the best!

We now have a special farm laboratory at Cotebrook set up for semen collection processing and assessment.

We collect semen from Moorfield Edward under clinical conditions and assess it for suitability for next day insemination. It is then couriered for next day delivery by 9am for insemination into the recipient mare .

There are huge benefits for both mare and stallion.

  • The Stallion conserves his energy as enough semen can be taken in one go for 3 or 4 matings by AI.
  • The mare only need be AI ‘d once as she will be scanned pre ovulation to determine the best date for mating.
  • The mare (and her foal) need not travel across the country to the stallion saving on fuel costs, the cost of keep, and eliminating the risk of travelling a young foal.
We also have frozen semen from Moorfield Edward, stored at Stallion AI Services, for our own use.
Anyone interested in using chilled semen, and would like to find out more about the benefits and procedures, please contact us on 01829 760506 or email us on

We have two Shire Stallions standing at stud at Cotebrook for natural coverings

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