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Name: Cotebrook Loch Nell
Born: 08.04.2014
Breed: Shire
Sex: Filly
Sire: Locksley Topsman
Dam: Moorfield Dora

Dora is quite small for a Shire at 17hh and Nells father, Lockley Topsman, is not a huge stallion so it was quite a surprise to have such a large filly foal.

She is tremendously well bred as Dora is Edwards daughter and she is full sister to Ted, Edwards son. Her father Lockley Topsman is the son of Cotebrook King who won the National Championships for us in 2006.

Nell was named by one of our visitors in our "name our foal” competition. Her Gaelic name means   "CHAMPION"

In early spring 2015 Alistair had to make the choice of entering Nell or Anna for the National Championships. He didn't want to take them both and have them compete against each other. Nell was much fitter but Anna was taller, so he took Anna. Anna has gone on to exceed all expectations but Nell is still one of the top Shires of her age in the country.

Her name in Gaelic means "CHAMPION"  

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