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Name: Cotebrook Charlies Angel
Born: 7th March 2004
Breed: Shire (Grade B)
Sex: Filly
Sire: Moorfield Charles
Dam: Belmont Queenie

As we have crossed a Clydesdale Belmont Queenie (Bonnie) with a Shire Horse (Charlie) any filly foals, like Charlies Angel, will be registered as a grade B Shire. This recognises the cross breeding and enables any foals that Angel has to be registered as full pedigree.

However, if Angel has colt foals, the foals must be gelded (castrated). This is because a stallion could breed over  40 foals per year thus diluting the breed too quickly, whereas a mare can only produce one foal per year at best.

All our foals born here have our prefix "Cotebrook” in their names. The females are named after lochs in Scotland and the males are named after mountains in Scotland. Charlies Angel is the exception to this as she was born on the morning of 7th March 2004, just a couple of hours before her famous father, Moorfield Charles, passed away.

Angel was mated for the first time in 2007 to her half-brother, Ben Macdhui. The resulting foal, born in 2008, was Cotebrook Charlies Spirit, who is one of our top brood mares.
In 2014 Angel had a beautiful black filly foal , Cotebrook Loch Broom, fathered by Moorfield Edward.

She is in foal to Milnerfield Sir William, who is Edwards son.

Angel is the last mare to give birth in 2019 and is due on May 15th.


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